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Community driven

Active8 is founded on the belief that motivation, fitness – wellbeing – is more effectively achieved and sustained when we help each other.

Our aim is to create an inclusive community enabled by the world’s leading fitness tracking technology.

Effort-based fitness progress

So how do you create an inclusive community? Well, for us, it’s to collect ‘effort’ data.

Effort is measured by tracking how much time a person is spending at your peak heart rate. As that changes from person to person, we’re able to compare those percentages directly between individuals, no matter what size, gender, age or fitness levels.

Then we’re able to support and motivate each other in a refreshingly inclusive environment, either in real world or remote session.

Looking after the whole person

Motivation is hard to sustain if you’re doing the same thing week-in week-out. When we’re putting our programme together, we try not to think in terms of HIIT or cardio, but rather, “what do we all need on a Monday morning? Energy? Focus? What workout is going to help them?

That way our programme stays fresh and relevant to the lives we lead.

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Whatever your fitness goals, at Active8 Bristol, we can help you to achieve them.
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