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“Just had a wonderful session with Charlie. She was thorough and extremely knowledgeable, highly recommended.”


“I have nothing but positivity and praise for Charlie at Fit for Adventure! She is a very friendly and positive person and has the right balance of being approachable and professional. With her willingness to help, I know she will go far. She has a wealth of experience in health care and can recall it to apply to any current issue. Personally, I have used her physio services for five+ years and can honestly say that she has helped and encouraged me not only physically but in all aspects of my health! A good holistic check in! Physio is her number one goal with clients and she has given me excellent advice and encouragement on exercises. She will show proper technique and will explain which muscles I am working and how it benefits me in day to day tasks. She also works in a very safe way and is mindful of individual circumstances. Charlie has the personal touch and goes the extra mile. She has adapted exercises for me and recommended various people/organisations to me over the years. Needless to say I can DEFINITELY recommend Fit for Adventure!”


“Leanne gave me back my confidence by getting to know me and providing an exercise plan I could really enjoy. Her kind approach and expertise has empowered me to make positive and lasting changes.”


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