The team at Active8 have been working hard as aerobic endurance specialists in Bristol, and we wanted to outline the importance of heart rate training to clients old and new.

Aerobic endurance is a critical element of any personal training and personal fitness programme, and our PTs are mindful of this with all client programmes.

Heart rate training plays an important role in developing greater aerobic endurance levels. This is relevant for clients of all ages and fitness levels.

It is critical to get the heart rate up, as this positively affects not just heart health but also lung capacity, the effectiveness over time of blood vessels, as well as helps with weight loss.

Aerobic endurance focuses on raising the heart rate to a particular level over a sustained period of time, and our Bristol personal trainers specialise in this.

It is recommended that adults engage in 30 minutes of cardiovascular-based exercise per day. Heart rate training depends on the fitness level of the client.

It might be a client wishing to stick to a baseline of activity for basic healthy life, or a client training for an event or sporting competition in the near future.

There are many ways to build aerobic endurance, from different levels of activity, including:

Walking at a pace

Jogging and running

Swimming & cycling

Circuit training

Hill training & using stairs/steps

HiiT classes

Active8 personal trainers are all interested in helping clients improve their aerobic endurance through a range of cardiovascular exercises.

It is advisable that all clients speak to a medical professional before undertaking any programme of strenuous personal training, particularly if they have been sedentary or not engaging in a regular exercise programme.

We also work closely with all clients when putting a progression fitness plan in place for them, as well as advising them on how to regularly and successfully take their own pulse.

We work with clients who have heart conditions or cardiovascular illnesses, to ensure they are safely working on their aerobic endurance.

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