Bristol personal trainer Spring

A new season is on the way this month, and many clients will be asking how they can get the best from a Bristol personal trainer this Spring.

Whilst the team of personal trainers in Clifton and Henleaze at Active8’s two personal fitness studios would advocate year-round fitness programmes for the best results, many people embark on new fitness training each Spring.

Here are some top tips from the personal trainers in Bristol at Active8 to help you get the most from your personal fitness programmes in Spring.

Set your goals with a personal trainer before starting

To avoid wasting time when paying hourly for a personal trainer in Bristol, we recommend that clients have a clear understanding beforehand of their personal fitness goals.

This enables a PT to work with a client on short, medium and long-term aims as well as giving your personal trainer the option to create an exercise plan.

Arrive on time

This may seem like a simple suggestion, but all of our Bristol personal trainers are booked on hourly slots and many with back-to-back commitments.

Therefore, it’s critical for clients to arrive on time at our Clifton and Henleaze fitness centres for their sessions. Arriving on time also means that clients get the full hour, giving them the maximum benefit for their personal training.

Warm up before the session

Once your PT has shown you the proper stretching techniques and given you advice on good cardio activities, it is good to do warm-ups before a session.

If a client is warmed up, a personal trainer can focus more session time on pushing the client to challenging and important exercises.

This also maximises the return a client sees on their financial investment.

Tell your trainer if you have special needs

Some of our clients have specific personal training requirements, such as training for an event or they might have individual health conditions.

It is vital that your personal trainer knows about this so that each session can be tailored to meet a client’s needs and individual requirements.

Enjoy the journey

We also want our clients to enjoy their personal fitness sessions at Active8, so it is helpful for clients to remember that all of our personal training is bespoke.

Active8 personal trainers provide high-level, professional and targeted personal fitness programmes for all clients, and our clients stay with us for months and years as a result.

If you don’t enjoy working with a personal trainer, maybe it’s worth coming to see one of the Active8 team this Spring and seeing how we can help you.

To meet our team of personal trainers and therapists working from the Active8 Bristol fitness centres at Henleaze and Clifton, please visit here.

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