Bristol personal trainer

A question many new clients often ask us at Active8 is Why is a Bristol personal trainer is better than a full gym membership, so we thought we’d also write a blog post on the topic to help visitors to our website.

One of the main reasons we believe that a Bristol personal trainer from Active8 is better than a standard gym membership is the simple fact that clients are more likely to turn up and commit to a fitness programme with a personal trainer.

Being committed to a personal trainer at one of our Bristol fitness centres also means that a client becomes more accountable for their health and wellbeing.

A Bristol personal trainer at an Active8 gym will also work a client harder than they usually work themselves at a gym under a standard membership plan.

Our personal trainers in Westbury Park and Clifton also give clients bespoke advice, training and help that is bespoke to their fitness levels and goals.

We often hear clients coming to us after having gym memberships for some time, only to find that they end up doing repetitive exercises or using the same equipment, rather than engaging in a varied exercise and fitness programme.

Our team of Bristol personal trainers will vary exercises with clients, mixing up a diverse range of beneficial activities and ensuring that a full-body workout is achieved over a sustained period of time.

While clients can tend to do repetitive sets and reps in a gym on their own, our training programmes ensure that one of our experienced and qualified personal trainers will work the client’s body in different ways.

Our personal trainers get clients to go the extra mile and push themselves.

Another big benefit of working with a personal trainer is that our clients get safe and professional support when they are training and using the equipment.

This means they are unlikely to push themselves too far or sustain an injury.

Whether a client is looking to increase their mobility and movement capacity, to increase their overall fitness levels, or if they are training for a specific event such as a 10K run, working with a Bristol personal trainer at an Active8 fitness centre makes a massive difference to the end result and the journey.

We also provide personal fitness support and training for clients who have sustained injuries in the past, such as back or neck issues, and can train accordingly, appropriately and safely within the limits of their bodies.

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