Bristol PT for weight loss

At Active8, we sometimes get asked if we have a specialist Bristol PT available for weight loss programmes with clients.

The main point to make here is that we rarely, if ever, work with clients who are solely looking to lose weight, although this may be one of their fitness goals.

Our Bristol PT team in Henleaze and Clifton has a wealth of experience in advising clients on nutrition and how this helps to deliver a successful and balanced fitness programme.

We are not dieticians or professionals in the field of obesity and fat reduction.

Our personal trainers in Bristol can guide clients on how to eat well, which nutrition in which food groups will best support their fitness aims, as well as helping clients to create a bespoke fitness programme that will burn calories and reduce excess body fat.

Ultimately, our Bristol PTs want clients to enjoy their workout programme as well as maintain their optimal weight and BMI.

We advise clients not to focus any fitness programme around diet plans or weight loss. Losing weight involves a long-term approach encompassing exercise and balanced nutrition.

A nutritionist or dietician is well-placed to provide a specific diet plan.

Our personal trainers in Bristol will not give dieting advice or diet plans.

What our Henleaze and Clifton PTs will do is give clients guidelines on what they should and shouldn’t eat, in line with tracking calories to ensure weight loss with their required fitness programme and the overall aims.

In our experience, clients who maintain a regular and consistent fitness programme with our expert guidance as well as a healthy balanced diet inevitably see weight loss as a by-product of their ongoing efforts.

Any good fitness regime will include reducing calories and increasing the heart rate with every session. Our Bristol PTs can advise you further.

If you are looking for a Bristol PT to assist with weight loss, our advice would be to ditch any fad diets and make a commitment to weight loss with an individual fitness plan.

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