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We’ve had a few clients recently asking if it is better to work with a Bristol PT in a gym or outdoors, so dedicating a blog post on the subject is a good idea.

With the seasons changing and Autumn upon us, our Bristol PT team at the Active8 Westbury Park and Clifton fitness centres are on hand to assist.

The simple answer to the ‘indoors vs. outdoors’ question is to try both throughout the year, depending on your requirements and preferences.

There are pros and cons to working in a gym or fitness centre in Bristol, as well as pros and cons to training outdoors.

Working outdoors is healthy by nature, as outdoors just feeling better.

Clients who work with a Bristol PT outdoors often pay less per session too, because the personal trainer doesn’t have to pay for the training space.

There are many Bristol personal trainers running individual and group sessions on Clifton Downs, catering at times for up to 50 clients at the same time.

Most of this type of group training covers High Intensity Training (HIT) sessions, but the main problem with group training outdoors can be it is general training only, focusing on motivational training rather than focusing on individual training and techniques specific to an individual client’s needs.

Working outdoors with a PT in Bristol means there’s no restriction on space, and cardio-based training works well in outdoor settings for clients.

Another positive to working outdoors with personal trainers in Bristol meant that clients still engaged in fitness, while PTs were able to work during the previous Covid-19 lockdowns.

One problem with group training outdoors is that a PT cannot check the technique of all clients. If, for example, it is a kettlebell exercise session, with lots of clients of different ages and abilities, the possibility of sustaining injuries is increased due to the nature of how the training is delivered.

For some clients, training outdoors in Bristol with a PT is the right technique.

There are outdoor training classes that are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Do your research and find the right outdoor training for you.

We would ask all clients to ensure that it’s the right way forward for their personal fitness goals, as well as checking out any Bristol PT before signing up for any outdoor group sessions.

Personal recommendations and positive reviews of Bristol PTs are critical.

Working with a Bristol PR indoors in a gym or fitness centre brings some distinct advantages.

Firstly, all of our Active8 personal trainers are working with clients in a controlled environment with the specific kit and highly personalised attention.

Our Westbury Park and Clifton PTs are often providing bespoke personal training for clients who have injuries, are undergoing sporting rehab, or training for a sporting event, or possibly within a weight loss programme.

A personal trainer is also an expert and is there to train and support you.

This is one of the reasons our Bristol PT teams are so successful. Active8 trainers provide a bespoke and highly efficient training programme.

After all, personal training should be personal.

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