Clifotn personal fitness centre

The Active8 team at Origin are soon celebrating their second anniversary with new services planned for 2022 at the superb Clifton personal fitness centre.

Having set up the Active8 Clifton personal fitness centre in March 2020, the Origin Workspace gym now has six personal trainers including Active8 founder Shane Cook delivering personal fitness sessions there.

The Origin Workspace is a stunning hotdesking space, accommodating between 500-600 members looking for health and wellbeing services on-site.

The Active8 personal fitness centre is a fully-functioning gym with kettlebells, free weights, Olympic lifting equipment, squat racks, watt bikes, rowing machines, dumbbells, cross trainer machines, treadmills and a Stair Master.

Clients visiting our Clifton personal fitness centre on Berkeley Square pay per session or per hour, depending on their preference.

Our current team of Clifton personal trainers include:

Ollie who specialises in back injuries and rehabilitation exercises

Chris who provides bespoke boxing-based training

Will who helps clients with cross-fit based exercises

Lizzie who delivers sports circuit training

Steve who as an ex-rugby player specialises in team sports exercises

Shane who is an expert in strength and conditioning plus weight loss programmes

The Active8 at Origin fitness centre has changing and showering facilities, with lock-ups for bikes and car parking all around the Berkeley Square area.

In warmer weather, our Clifton personal trainers will be looking to take clients onto Brandon Hill for outdoor sessions, and the Origin Workspace has an amazing roof terrace where clients are also given sessions and training.

Free hot and cold drinks are provided from the open-plan kitchen area in reception, and we are looking to set up evening classes in 2022 as well.

To find out more about Origin Workspace on Berkeley Square in Clifton, check out their Facebook Page.

To find out more about our team of Clifton personal trainers, please visit here.

Ring our Active8 Clifton personal fitness centre on 0117 973 6477 for more information or email us at