How can Bristol personal trainers help older clients

One of the most rewarding elements of what we do is to highlight how the Bristol personal trainers at Active8 help older clients when they join us.

It can often be the case that when an older client comes to our personal training team in Bristol, they are unsure how we can work with them.

We work with a range of clients of all ages and with different levels of fitness.

The first question Active8 personal trainers at our Westbury Park and Clifton fitness centres ask is what an older client is looking to achieve from their time with us.

This usually means seeing what ‘success’ in a personal fitness programme would entail for them. We can adapt to a client within any age range.

Personal fitness programmes for older clients have varying aims and goals.

A client might be training for an event, or have had cardio problems in the past and is looking to increase their specific health and wellbeing there.

For some clients over 50 workings with our Bristol personal trainers, it can be a desire to enjoy better overall fitness with more mobility and flexibility overall.

This might include walking with a straighter back, having more supple ankles and knees, or simply feeling more confident in their physical capacity.

Most of our older clients work with the Bristol personal training based at our Westbury Park fitness centre.

Acitve8 personal trainers are experienced and qualified in helping older clients to overcome any preconceptions they might have about Bristol gyms.

We educate on how to get the very best from their personal training programmes in Bristol with us and address any concerns they might have.

Older clients can be more prone to niggles, aches, pains and strains, so working with an Active8 personal trainer can help to maximise their fitness.

We have, for example, several golf-specific training sessions for older clients that help to give them increased core strength that aids their rotation and twisting movements in the back and shoulders.

This enables them to play golf better, and well into their 70s in our experience.

Our qualified pilates and yoga instructors also help with movement issues in older clients, and we run many classes in Bristol for all levels.

We have a specialist cardiac nurse who is now one of the Active8 personal trainers who works with clients that are requiring weight loss, increased mobility and dedicated fitness programmes based on cardio issues.

Some of our older clients have requirements to stretch and work on a particular body area, or to help in the recovery of specific muscles.

Personal training in Bristol is not only for the young and fit.

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