How to get in shape for Summer Bristol

The warmer weather is with us, and more clients are asking the Active8 team how to get in shape for Summer in Bristol.

While we advocate fitness and wellbeing for the whole year, many clients come to our team of personal trainers in Henleaze and Clifton looking for a bespoke fitness programme to get them ready for the Summer season.

Some clients want to get in better shape for an upcoming Summer holiday, others want to get their perfect beach body, with many clients wanting to reduce body fat through intense and guided workouts at our Bristol gyms.

A trimmed and toned Summer look comes from many different factors, including lower calorie intake, consistent fitness programmes and help from trained fitness professionals, such as our Bristol personal trainers.

There are different fitness programmes available at Active8 to help clients of all ages get in shape for Summer. Our training programmes are bespoke.

Some clients want to really push themselves, and go for a six or eight-week fitness programme so they are ready for the Summer as rapidly as possible.

Clients pushing themselves within this timeframe are usually in moderate shape already, and will often be exercising and training regularly already.

A good Summer body workout programme will help with body trim and tone requirements.

We usually find that for most clients, a 10 or 12-week training programme gives a realistic framework to get solid, consistent and lasting results.

It is important to understand that every client responds differently to a fitness programme. Some clients have a sporting background, others are newer to fitness training, while some may be complete novices to working with a PT.

As well as looking at a client’s fitness regime, our personal trainers in Bristol will also discuss a nutrition plan with clients. Basic nutrition is vital.

Getting in shape for Summer at Active8 will involve a bespoke number of sessions per week, to give a solid structure and work towards agreed goals.

Most of our training sessions for a beach body workout programme will last between 45-60 minutes, with a pre-warm-up and a cool-down routine.

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