Myzone heart rate training Bristol

The team of Active8 PTs are really pleased to be able to offer all clients Myzone heart rate training in Bristol.

Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker and online social platform that highlights and rewards individual fitness efforts when goals are reached.

It displays real-time heart rate, calories and intensity with five colour-coded personalised zones, and has a simple rewards-based metric called MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) that align with the WHO guidelines for physical activity.

The client data can be displayed collectively via the Myzone App for group training, or direct to a client’s smartphone.

Heart rate training is a key indicator of the intensity at which clients are working out and recovering.

These are crucial elements to utilise when our Clifton and Westbury Park personal trainers are establishing optimal training for clients.

Myzone is a superb personal fitness tool because it is easy to operate and can be used anywhere.

The heart rate wristband is the world’s first heart rate monitor that can be worked in the gym, outdoors or in water. It has built-in memory with up to six months’ battery life and the dual-sensor technology includes ECG and PPG tracking.

Myzone represents a totally new way for Active8 clients to train, individually and in a group setting.

It levels the playing field of fitness, sport and physical activity and offers a community experience with rewards and a focus on heart rate training.

Active8 can now provide fitness programmes tailored to how hard each client’s heart is working, not their individual fitness level.

To see how we tailor a fitness programme for our clients, why not take our online Health Questionnaire here and begin your personal fitness journey with Active8 today.

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