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This week we’re speaking to a client who has been so impressed with us within the first six months she has declared “The level of personal fitness training in Clifton from Active8 includes a level of coaching that is rare to find.”

Charlie Sumpter (24) has been working one-to-one with Will, one of the Clifton-based Active8 personal trainers at Origin on Berkeley Square.

We caught up with her this week to find out more.

How and when did you come across Active8?

“I was doing CrossFit sessions with a friend who had been training with Will. He was highly recommended for his personal training, and I started working with him in October 2021.”

What personal fitness programme work are you doing with Active8?

“I do 90 minutes per week, in a one-to-one session with Will. I also do a weekly online session with him too.”

Can you describe the workout you do?

“The main focus is to strengthen my compound lifts. Concentrating specifically on deadlifts, bench presses and squats. I am also interested in CrossFit, so we have been working on movements such as toes to bar and front squats.”

What benefits have you noticed working with Will in the last six months?

“I’d been doing weightlifting for ages, but had reached a plateau. Will has provided amazing guidance and my strength has gone up significantly.”

“I’ve worked with personal trainers in Bristol before, but some of them have just stuck with the same thing. Will really listens to what I want to do as a client and to what I want to improve on.”

Is there anything that stands out for you about Active8?

“The personal trainers at Active8 have all had clients for a long time, which speaks for itself. Will really cares about how a client feels and asks about nutrition with a genuine level of care.”

What is your feedback on the Active8 gym at Origin?

“Origin has everything you need, especially in a one-to-one personal training environment. It feels personal and low-key, with great equipment that’s great for meeting personal fitness goals.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“Absolutely. The personal fitness training in Clifton from Active8 includes a level of coaching that is rare to find.”

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