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The team at Active8 are often asked by new clients, friends and family to give our top tips when looking for a personal trainer in Bristol, so we thought we’d dedicate a News article to the topic for our website visitors.

When it comes to booking a Bristol personal trainer, there is a huge number to choose from across the city, and this can at first seem quite overwhelming.

The team of qualified and trained fitness professionals at our Westbury Park fitness studio and Berkeley Square gyms are always on hand to advise.

Here are our top tips to bear in mind when looking for a personal trainer:

Is the personal trainer capable?

Do you need specific skills and capabilities from your personal trainer? You might need injury recovery expertise or knowledge of cardio.

Read the Bio of a personal trainer to see what experience they have. Being a personal trainer in Bristol isn’t about only working on weights with clients.

Can the PT listen?

We often see clients feeling quite vulnerable and lost when they first come to our Bristol fitness centres. This is perfectly understandable.

At Active8 Bristol, our teams of personal trainers work hard to ensure that we listen carefully to each client. We become your bespoke fitness counsellor.

Is the personal trainer experienced?

This might seem like an obvious point, but it’s really important to work with a Bristol personal trainer who is experienced in dealing with different clients.

We find that clients usually stay with us for many years, and we build strong working relationships with clients. We are in the business of increasing their lifespan, and this requires dedication, empathy, hard work and trust.

Does the PT have industry-level qualifications?

Ensuring that you work with a fully qualified PT is also vital. The personal training sector in Bristol is growing rapidly in popularity with clients.

We recommend that clients ask personal trainers in Bristol if they have well-recognised industry qualifications such as a Sports Science degree or a Foundation Degree in Sports Science.

Are specific fitness classes available?

Many personal trainers will also offer specific classes that can provide additional health and wellbeing benefits for their clients.

This might include Yoga, Pilates or Circuits/Full Body Conditioning. Personal training services in Bristol are usually one-to-one, with group classes being available.

Is the personal training carried out in a comfortable setting?

Feedback from our clients has been that they find corporate gyms with mass locations large and at times intimidating.

We provide a training suite for bespoke personal training in Bristol, and with a large number of middle-aged and older clients, this provides a perfect setting.

The majority of our Bristol personal trainers are aged between 25-45 and with a passionate interest in wellbeing.

Personal training at our Westbury Park and Clifton gyms is not all about training for marathons or highly competitive athletic events.

Our PT services focus on wellbeing, flexibility and movement for clients.

We provide a clean, calm and highly accessible environment for personal training. Our advice would simply be to try it. Come and visit for a chat.

Ring our Active8 fitness centres on 0117 974 1852 for more information on our Westbury Park and Clifton gyms or contact us via