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One of the questions we often get asked is Do personal trainers in Clifton work with clients under 40?

The team at Active 8 Bristol fitness centres in Clifton and Westbury Park have seen a number of younger clients joining us recently, and there seems to be a growing interest amongst younger people to engage with personal training.

We believe that there are a number of reasons why a client aged under 40 can benefit from working with a professional PT in Bristol, including:

Setting realistic goals

Our Clifton and Westbury Park personal trainers help younger individuals to work out exactly what they want to achieve from their exercise programme.

Our Bristol PTs also advise clients under 40 on the best ways to achieve the maximum results from their personal fitness plan with dedicated advice.

Creating a bespoke programme

When working with clients under 40, our personal trainers always create a bespoke fitness programme for each client, factoring in their requirements.

Most importantly, Active8 PTs help younger clients to achieve their fitness goals in a safe, effective, efficient and enjoyable manner.

Encouraging new ways to exercise

Many under-40s our Bristol personal trainers work with have followed the same type of fitness programme for years, hitting plateaus along the way.

By encouraging them to train in new ways with the same set goals, we help younger clients to work out in fresh and challenging new ways.

Instructing on correct posture & exercise techniques

When most of us hit 40, if we haven’t been taught how to work out in the correct way, we can develop bad habits that can lead to poor posture, incorrect movement patterns, and possible injuries.

Active8 personal trainers at our Clifton and Westbury Park fitness centres give under-40 clients refresher courses in how to execute correct exercise techniques and to maintain good posture to help prevent future injuries.

Educating on a balanced lifestyle

Some clients under 40 may have the feeling they are indestructible, and it is common to feel strong, supple and able to do anything when we’re younger.

Our personal trainers help to explain the importance to younger clients of adopting a good work/life balance as soon as possible, as well as understanding the importance of following an exercise and fitness programme in Bristol that focused on strength, endurance, flexibility – and relaxation.

Motivating clients to achieve results

Active8 PTs help younger clients to push themselves harder than they would on their own, and to reach their personal fitness goals quicker as a result.

Clients often feedback to us that their self-motivation increases in all aspects of their life, and when a client has full confidence in a personal trainer they work hard to improve results consistently over time.

Building confidence in younger clients

All of the above factors help to give younger clients a better sense of overall confidence in their lives, and our Bristol PTs love seeing this develop.

Seeing clients under 40 develop the confidence to perform exercises correctly in a gym, as well as being more confident in general makes it all worthwhile.

Have fun along the way

Something our personal trainers in Clifton and Westbury Park also believes in is making sure that our clients have fun and enjoy their fitness programmes.

Yes, it is hard work and requires dedication, commitment and focus. But personal fitness programmes delivered by Active8 PTs are always fun too.

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