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This week, we’re interviewing one of our long-term clients following his comment to one of our PTs that ‘the personal training environment at Active8 in Bristol is perfect’.

Andrew Wilson (pictured above) is a personal fitness client who has been coming to us since 2008.

Andrew works with Damion Rice, the first personal trainer to join Active8, and he wanted to share his experiences of coming to our Westbury Park fitness centre for over a decade.

How did you come across Active8?

“My wife was attending personal fitness training sessions at Active8, and I was keen in my late-50s to lose some weight and improve general health.”

What is your typical personal training session?

“Damion will mix things up, but there are some standard exercises and warm-up routines that are consistently helpful.”

“This will include a 7-minute treadmill warm-up, followed by functional exercises doing two things at once. I also did weights when younger, so we often do work with weights which I enjoy.”

“We will usually do cardio, rapid sets of 3 or 4 exercises, some circuit training, whole-body exercises, more cardio, core strength activity, then stretching and warming-down.”

“I have a full hour-long personal training session at Active8 once a week.”

Is the programme bespoke?

“Absolutely. I had a knee operation a few years ago that prevented me from skiing again. Damion has developed specific exercises around this to help strengthen and mobilise my knee.

“I did some martial arts in the past and pulled a rotator cuff. Damion has helped with rehabilitation-based exercises for this as well.”

What do you particularly like about the service?

“I used to exercise on my own, but it’s great to know that the Active8 personal fitness service ensures I’m exercising properly with the correct form, and in a professional and safe environment with Damion.”

“I get amazing inputs from Damion, and the personalised fitness from Active8 makes a real difference to my everyday life and overall health.”

“Damion even provided personal Zoom fitness sessions during the Covid-19 lockdowns in Bristol. This helped to maintain my fitness levels.”

Why do you continue to use Active8?

“I started coming to active8 in my late-50s and I’m now in my 70s. I train there with my wife, and Damion caters for us both. He has developed specific exercises for her too. We both enjoy the personal training sessions.”

“I joined Active8 to lose some weight, but not love the increased fitness levels. Damion pushes hard, but not too hard. He is a superb personal trainer, but also a really nice human being.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

“The personal training environment at Active8 in Bristol is perfect. I’m never waiting to get on a machine, as can be the case in fitness centres and gyms.”

“Equipment is always available at Active8 when I’m working with Damion.”

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