physiotherapist in Bristol

Active8 has a number of outstanding personal trainers and therapists including our very own physio Charlie McCall, who states that “a good physiotherapist in Bristol offers holistic body management.”

Having joined Actvie8 in May 2017 and working from the Westbury Park personal fitness studio, Charlie worked in the NHS for many years in large London hospitals such as The Royal London Hospital where she became a Senior Physiotherapist.

Charlie also worked at the English Institute of Sport with elite athletes and high-level squads in various sports including rugby, figure skating, judo, athletics and paralympic sports.

“I had a strong interest in dancing and body movement as a child, and was lucky enough to get a work experience placement when I was 16 at Guy’s Hospital,” said Charlie.

“I later completed a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at the University of East London and went on to work in the NHS in a Junior role progressing up to be a Specialist.”

Having successfully gained a Master’s in Sports and Exercise Medicine, Charlie then worked in higher-end rehabilitation for sportspersons based in central London.

She relocated to Bristol and joined the Active8 team in 2017 as a resident Physiotherapist.

“I work with clients who have non-specific injuries in joints, backs and general niggles. I also have older retired clients who are recreationally active and may have intermittent problems that need treatment.”

Charlie uses a combination of physiotherapy treatments, exercise advice, and lifestyle management to help keep people moving.

She also believes that it is essential to educate and empower clients to self-manage and understand the mechanics of their own bodies.

“Prevention is important. I also help older clients with maintenance, as well as working with people who may have an event upcoming such as a marathon or 10K and who are looking to pre-empt any injuries or check previous injuries.”

“I love working at Active8, it’s a part of the local community a local resource, which is really accessible with wheelchair access,” added Charlie.

“I can work with others in the Active8 personal trainer and therapist team, have cross-speciality conversations, access gym equipment with clients and offer holistic body management and structured physio services.”

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