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This week, we’re talking to trainer Lee who joined the team recently commenting “delivering soft tissue therapy in Bristol helps Active8 to take sports massage to the next level” for clients.

Lee gained a Sports Science Degree in Bath and taught for four years, as well as being a personal trainer.

Lee has also gained a Level 3 qualification in Sports Massage, as well as Level 5 in Soft Tissue Therapy during the last decade.

He’s a brilliant asset to the Active8 team and works at both our North View and Clifton personal fitness centres with clients.

We caught up with him recently to find out more about his area of expertise.

What is Soft Tissue Therapy and how is it different to sports massage?

“Soft Tissue Therapy is more focused on rehabilitation, and is centred on the assessment and treatment of soft tissue, muscles and ligaments.”

Is Soft Tissue Therapy available for all clients?

“Absolutely. It is tailored for each client, and offers a remedial massage for all.”

What can be treated using Soft Tissue Therapy?

“It can be brilliant for old injuries, niggling muscle pain, as well as helping with functional balance in older clients. It helps to build strength.”

How did you come across Active8?

“Eight years ago I moved to Bristol and through networks got in touch with Shane. I was looking for a treatment room, and a space opened up 12 months ago. I’ve been able to work with clients at both Active8 gyms.”

Do you offer Soft Tissue Therapy treatments outside of a gym environment?

“Yes, I provide a seated clothed massage service which some companies in Bristol give to their employees as a part of a wider health and wellbeing package of benefits. This can be delivered between the hours of 9-5 in 15-minute treatment slots.”

What is the most common issue you come across as a Soft Tissue Therapist?

“I deal with clients suffering from chronic backaches, pulled muscles, upper back pain and neck pain.”

What percentage of clients are sports-related injuries?

“Roughly 40% are sporting-based issues and injuries, The remaining 60% of clients are non-sporting and non-training related injuries. They can be due to repetitive sitting in offices, and Soft Tissue Therapy helps to relieve discomfort.”

What do you enjoy about working at Active8?

“The team are really supportive and very client-focused. It is down-to-earth and collaborative: for example, I often work in partnership with Active8’s resident Osteopath Alex to give certain clients the benefit of our knowledge.”

What are the main benefits of Soft Tissue Therapy?

“It helps clients to remain active and strong, as well as releasing anti-oxidants. Massage-based treatments are also beneficial for clients’ mental health.”

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