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Clients have been asking us recently how they should handle the change of seasons, so we thought it would be useful for our Westbury Park personal trainers to share fitness tips for Autumn in Bristol.

The change from Summer to Autumn can bring some challenges to clients’ personal fitness programmes in Bristol, with colder damper weather combined with less daylight.

We advise clients visiting our Bristol fitness centres in Westbury Park and Clifton to bear in mind the following fitness tips for Autumn:

Set new fitness goals

The start of a new season is a great time to set new fitness goals. Think about setting two or three fitness goals to complete by the end of Autumn – that’s 21st December, in case you weren’t sure.

Make the most of outdoors

Autumn weather provides the perfect backdrop for running, cycling, and gentler forms of exercise. The fresh misty mornings and cooler air temperatures can be ideal for personal training in Bristol outdoors.

Layer up with clothing

Suitable clothing and footwear are vital for outdoor exercising in Autumn. With the weather getting colder, wetter and damper it is worth investing in hats, gloves and running tights. Multiple layers are the best bet for Autumn fitness outside.

Be safe in the dark

Autumn means the start of darker mornings and earlier darkness in the evenings, so it is really important to be safe and seen. Any outdoor fitness and personal training activities in Bristol during Autumn should be with high-vis clothing and head torches.

Seasonal food for fuel

Stock up on seasonal produce to accompany your Autumn fitness. Hot wholesome soups and stews are a nutritious, healthy and economical way of fuelling your body as well as utilising seasonal vegetables throughout Autumn.

Try local fitness events

Think about taking part in local events at the weekends in Autumn to keep you moving and mobile. This could include runs in the park, 10k runs, charity runs, bike rides in groups organised walks and outside Boot Camps across Bristol.

Ask for professional help

Autumn is a good time to hire a personal trainer in Bristol or buddy up for extra motivation to keep up with your fitness programme on damp dark mornings or chilly wet evenings.

Resistance is rewarding

Make time for resistance training in the gym this Autumn in Bristol. At Active8, we have superb gyms and fitness centres in Westbury Park and Clifton for clients to follow their fitness programmes throughout the year to complement any outdoor exercises.

Enjoy Autumn fitness in Bristol

One of the main things our personal trainers in Bristol tell clients is to enjoy their fitness programmes during the Autumn. Exercise should be simple, consistent and enjoyable. If it isn’t, why not let us help you?

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