Brides to Be Bristol

Getting married is one of life’s major events, and in recent months Active8 has had interest from a number of clients who are Brides-To-Be looking for a PT in Bristol.

The lead-up to tying the knot can be hectic and stressful, with many Brides-To-Be worrying about feeling and looking their very best on their special day.

Working with one of our PTs in Bristol can help you to get where you want to be, both physically and mentally before the big day.

Some of our top tips for Brides-To-Be when looking to work with a Bristol PT include the following advice:

Plan ahead

Pre-wedding workouts are not ideal when it’s only four or five weeks until the ceremony itself. An effective wedding workout programme will start at least six months in advance.

Start small

Working with one of our personal trainers in Bristol can give any Bride-To-Be achievable fitness goals in the time leading up to the wedding. Even starting with 15 to 30-minute sessions then working up to an hour is a positive step.

Combine cardio & strength training

A wedding workout should consist of both cardio (such as HIIT, pilates, and spin classes) as well as strengthening exercises. Many wedding dresses show off the upper body, so exercise and tone the back and arms.

Target your core

An Active8 PT working with a Bride-To-Be in Bristol at our Henleaze and Clifton gyms will also incorporate exercises such as squats or lunges to strengthen legs, as well as core exercises to sculpt the waist.

Go bespoke

Every Bride-To-Be is different, and their wedding workout programme should be, too. At Active8, our Bristol personal trainers devise bespoke fitness plans.

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