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The management team at Active8 Bristol personal fitness gym are proud to announce our support and sponsorship for a client who is undertaking a mammoth charity event.

Phred Steer, a local businessman who has also been a client of Devilliers at our Westbury Park fitness centre since the Covid outbreak, will be running three ultra-marathons in three days around Cornwall along the Atlantic Coast to raise awareness and money for the Grand Appeal to support sick children and families across the South West.

This awesome charity challenge promotes healthier living as well as raising funds for the Grand Appeal and all the amazing work they carry out.

A Just Giving page has been set up where people and businesses can donate cash for Phred’s charity efforts.

Active8 is getting involved and sponsoring his incredible charity work, as well as donating to this superb charity.

Phred has already gained the support of more than 20 businesses, all of whom will feature on his t-shirt with their logos when he runs 3 ultra-marathons.

Phred has been getting personal training support and sessions from our team of PTs, to ensure he is in the best possible shape for his charity push.

Phred had the following comments to add regarding the upcoming event:

“I am honoured to collaborate with three remarkable organizations – The Grand Appeal, local schools like Birdwell, and the Rotary Club, including Portishead, Truro, and St Ives branches. Together, we aim to raise funds, awareness, and hope for the well-being of sick children and their families, not only in our immediate regions but across the entire UK.

1. Supporting The Grand Appeal

Our foremost mission is to support the Bristol Children’s Hospital and their chosen charity, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal. This incredible organisation has been a beacon of light for sick children and their families, offering vital support in our region and specialized areas throughout the UK.

2. Recognising the Contributions of Schools

Let us never underestimate the impact of schools on our communities. In particular, Birdwell School has played an invaluable role, as exemplified by their support for the Steer family. We owe them our gratitude and aspire to raise funds for an all-weather sports playground surface, a small gesture to express our appreciation.

3. Celebrating the Rotary Club of Portishead along with clubs across our region and around the world delivering a selfless service

This challenge is not only about promoting healthier living but also about generating funds and awareness for the Grand Appeal’s Reiki therapy program. Additionally, we aim to express our heartfelt thanks to Birdwell School while contributing to the improvement of their sports facilities.”

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