Clifton personal trainers 2024

The New Year is here, so it’s time for our Clifton personal trainers to share some of their favourite fitness tips for 2024.

Many Bristol gyms and fitness centres are full of new members in January, with many people taking up fitness resolutions after the Christmas period.

At our Clifton and Henleaze fitness centres, we always see an influx of new members looking to burn fat, get in shape, or improve their health.

Some of the advice our Clifton personal trainers give to clients at the start of each year includes the following advice:

Start small

We see people hitting the gym in a blaze of activity in the first week of January, determined to lose weight and feel better.

This is great, but our personal trainers in Clifton prefer to see clients start small and hit weekly and monthly fitness goals.

Get professional help

Training and working out weekly is hard work. That’s why we believe it is better to work with a professional personal trainer in Clifton from the start.

It is a fantastic boost to your fitness and wellbeing aims to work through targets with a fully trained, professional PT in Clifton from January 2024.

Be realistic

Some clients may have been very active or extremely sporty in the past, but the body needs to be treated carefully and consistently.

This is especially the case after 40 when injuries can be sustained easily without due care and attention during training sessions and working out.

Set consistent goals

Our Clifton PTs consistently work with clients, to give them the best possible opportunity to hit their health and fitness goals,

Slow and steady is often the best way to achieve New Year’s fitness aims.

Train in a systematic, safe way

The rise in home gyms and outdoor exercise across Clifton has been amazing since the first Covid-19 lockdown. Seeing more people getting fit is fantastic.

It is vital, however, to train systematically and safely. This is where our Clifton personal trainers excel, using a contemporary fitness centre with state-of-the-art gym equipment accessible to all clients.

Access a Bristol fitness community

Getting fit on your own can be lonely. Pushing yourself to do better takes energy, time and determination. It can be much more fulfilling in a community.

Our personal trainers in Clifton run one-to-one and group fitness sessions, so you can access a group of like-minded individuals and get healthier together.

Stick with it

Starting a New Year health regime on 01st January, then not continuing it after the end of the month may seem crazy, but many people do just that.

Our PTs in Clifton advise a steady start with dedicated inputs and work up from there. The aim is to be training week in, and week out during 2024.

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