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Our health and wellbeing blog is focusing on Will Bedford, one of the team who commented recently “I love being a Functional Fitness PT in Bristol at Active8.”

Will joined our Henleaze personal training team in 2021 and currently works with clients at our Origins Clifton fitness centre on Berkeley Square.

Will recently took part in a high-level UK CrossFit & Functional Fitness competition and his team beat 200 others to claim the intermediate top prize.

We caught up with Will to further discuss his role as a Functional Fitness PT in Bristol.

How long have you been interested in fitness?

“I’ve been a keen runner for nearly 15 years, and have taken a more focused interest in Functional Fitness since gaining a CPP Functional Fitness coaching qualification in 2019.”

What is Functional Fitness and why is it popular?

“Functional Fitness is a highly accessible form of physical strength training, where clients can learn skills rapidly and efficiently. It is more accessible than some other intense forms of personal training such as CrossFit.”

Is Functional Fitness only for younger people?

“Not at all. One of the biggest benefits of Functional Fitness training in Clifton where I provide one-to-one and group classes is that anyone of any age and any ability can take part and get benefits from it.”

What are the benefits of undertaking Functional Fitness with a Bristol PT?

“Functional Fitness training with a Bristol PT helps clients to improve their body composition, increase flexibility, ramp up their body power levels, as well as providing a superb base for overall strength training.”

Do you work with a range of clients as a Functional Fitness PT?

“Absolutely. My Saturday class in Clifton, for example, has clients attending aged between 20 and 60. Functional Fitness delivers great training for all ages and fitness levels, and has become really popular during 2023.”

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