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One of the Active8 personal trainers has commented “Strength training with weights in Bristol is popular with men and women” after seeing an increase in demand for the service in recent weeks.

Steve Uren joined Active8 two years ago through contact with one of our well-established PTs Devilliers and has been seeing a sharp rise in the number of clients opting for strength training with weights in Bristol.

“I work with a mix of clients in their 20s right up to their 70s, including regular clients right up to elite athletes. All strength training programmes in Bristol are modified and delivered as a bespoke service,” said Steve.

A keen rugby player, Steve focuses on strength work, weights and body conditioning, with appropriate exercises and intensity levels for all clients.

“Strength training with weights has really increased in popularity over the last two years, and my job is to ensure that every client has the correct form and an increase in weights over time, or a progressive overload of 1-2 kgs and reps each week to create small improvements,” added Steve.

Progressive overload is a recognised technique in strength training with weights, designed to reduce the likelihood of client injury.

The strength training sessions in Bristol are typically an hour long, with a mobility warmup to start including dynamic stretches, and then strength-based exercises. Most clients have two sessions per week at our Bristol gyms.

There is also exercise work utilising assault bikes, running and rowing to give a real mix of workouts with Steve.

Steve also trains rugby players at a high level and runs boot camps for clients every day at the Active8 Westbury Park and Clifton fitness centres.

“Strength is such an important part of our daily lives. As we age, we lose mobility. Strength training with weights is vital in maintaining and improving balance, posture and the best positioning of bones in the spine,” said Steve.

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