Bristol personal trainers holiday fitness tips

The Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for our Bristol personal trainers to share holiday fitness tips for clients heading off to the sun before September.

Many clients come to us in advance annual break in the sun, looking to get beach body ready. Visit here to find out more about how we can help.

One of the most important things our personal trainers in Bristol reinforce with clients is that when they are on holiday, fitness can still be a part of their daily routine, even on vacation.

It is possible to enjoy a Summer holiday while still achieving balance with your usual health and fitness regime.

Small and consistent steps in line with your well-deserved break in the sun can give your fitness habits a new perspective while also relaxing.

Some of our top holiday fitness tips for clients include:


When abroad in the sun dehydration can cause issues for clients.

Sweating, sunbathing, drinking more alcohol and consuming more sugar than usual all adds up to dehydrating the body.

Carrying water with you all day on your Summer holiday and consuming a minimum of 2.5 litres a day is the easiest way to prioritise your health.


Working out while on holiday is a personal preference, but many of our clients are used to exercising and training at least three to four times per week.

Some clients take a complete break while on their Summer holiday, while others still utilise gym equipment at their hotel or within their resort.

if you are not exercising on holiday, you can still stay active in other ways. Pool and beach games, taking stairs wherever possible, walking more and being out in the fresh and sunshine are all beneficial.

If you do want to work out while on holiday this Summer, try in the mornings before the day’s heat gets too intense. It may be a 45-minute gym session to just a gentle walk and stretch. Listen to your body. Movement is the key.


Our Bristol personal trainers advise clients to stock up on fruit and veg during their holidays.

Buying delicious local fresh fruit and veg when abroad is a massive treat, and you can easily stock up your villa, apartment or hotel fridge with local goodies.

This doesn’t just mean having fruit in cocktails, but enjoying healthy, new local foreign produce when on your Summer break.

If you’re on holiday and reading this, and are thinking about getting a personal trainer in Bristol when you get home, the team at Active8 are here to help you.

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