How to get beach body Bristol 2023

With warmer weather here, many of our clients are wondering how to get a beach body in Bristol for 2023.

Active8 can help – with our new eight-week Beach Body fitness plan.

Spring and Summer are when clients look to get in better shape for holidays, as well as get toned up and ready for their annual break away.

Some clients opt for intense workouts at our Bristol and Clifton gyms, to reduce body fat while also restricting calorie intake to get a Summer look.

Our two-month Beach Body fitness plan is designed to give clients the opportunity to drop a dress size or waist size in time for the Summer holidays.

It is important to note that any eight-week fitness plan will work best for clients in moderate shape already. It is important to manage expectations.

We have seen significant changes for clients who have put the work in, with a few consistent changes in their diet and fitness regimes.

It is vital to review basic nutrition as well as undertake a fitness plan.

At Active8, our Beach Body fitness plan focuses on 3-4 sessions per week, to give a definite structure to work towards for a more toned body overall.

Clients are usually also working at home as well as in our gyms during this time, to give their fitness plans the best possible results.

This would mean a client working out at home up to five times per week for 45-60 minutes each session, as well as their time in the gym with a trainer.

All clients go through a warm-up routine before the gym session, each of which usually lasts for 30-45 minutes with one of our Bristol PTs.

A good cool-down routine is also advisable, especially during warmer weather.

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