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Our Bristol PT team are often asked in January to advise clients when it comes to keeping New Year’s health resolutions.

After the excesses of Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations, many people join a gym or hire a personal trainer in Bristol to get fit, lose weight and start afresh with their health and wellbeing.

Starting is one thing – but keeping New Year fitness resolutions is another.

The main benefit of working with a Bristol PT at Active8’s training centres in Henleaze and Clifton is the simple fact it gives clients structure and consistency in their personal training goals throughout the whole year.

Many people find it hard to stick to their January fitness goals and waste gym memberships from February onwards. We can help avoid this.

Some simple steps can be taken to ensure that New Year fitness resolutions are a success.

Our Bristol PT team recommends the following:

Keep your fitness goals realistic

Setting ambitious fitness goals in January is admirable, but unrealistic expectations will often lead to frustration and demotivation in the gym.

Our Bristol personal trainers advise clients to start with small, attainable milestones in their fitness programmes. Making constant progress is vital.

Work towards an event

Our Bristol PT experts work with many clients who are working towards an event such as a half-marathon a competitive sporting event, or a charity run.

Having this structure in place is a great way to stick to your New Year fitness resolutions, and our personal fitness coaches are on hand to guide you.

Stick to a schedule

Consistency is the key when it comes to turning a fitness resolution into a long-lasting habit.

Our personal trainers in Bristol recommend that clients integrate their workouts into their weekly working and home life so that getting regular exercise and training becomes a natural part of everyday life for them.

Some clients prefer to work with an Active8 Bristol PT early in the morning, others after work, and some clients prefer our weekend personal fitness training sessions in Clifton.

Work with fitness professionals

One of the benefits of working with an Active8 personal trainer in Bristol is having a fitness professional to help you get the best from your training.

Starting the New Year with health resolutions in place and a trained fitness coach by your side vastly increases the odds of you getting and staying fit.

Mix up your routines

Engaging in varying fitness routines with one of our personal trainers in Henleaze or Clifton gives clients the ability to safely mix up their routines and training in a safe, structured and supervised environment.

Our Bristol PT team can advise you on different ways to keep fit in and out of the gym. We help all clients to develop a personal training programme.

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