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More clients are visiting Active8 in Westbury Park and Clifton looking for a yoga-based personal trainer in Bristol to work with them.

Our team of Bristol PTs includes Leanne Yardley, a Kiwi who specialises in personal training with yoga.

Having completed her formal yoga training in Tenerife, Leanne has worked as a Bristol personal trainer at Active8 for 11 years and brings a huge amount of personal training experience to clients at the Westbury Park fitness centre.

Her client base is diverse and broad, as she commented:

“My clients range from 25 to 88 years of age, and are a mix of men and women. Yoga-based personal training helps people in Bristol to get the best of both worlds and to focus entirely on what they require.”

A typical personal training session with yoga can include 45 minutes of intense exercise with yoga for the final 15 minutes, although no two client sessions are the same with Leanne.

“Yoga means so many different things to different clients. My sessions help clients to feel calmer and more confident, as well as removing their fear of traditional gyms and providing them with an environment in which they can work on fitness, strength and health as well as their own state of yoga.”

“Most of my yoga-based personal training sessions in Bristol are a mix of 80% personal training and 20% yoga and can include shapes on a mat, working on developing a state of oneness, increasing a state of flow, and feeling more energetic in general,” added Leanne.

Leanne also runs yoga retreats in Spain up to three times per year, with each retreat lasting five days.

“Having a yoga-based personal trainer working with them helps clients in Bristol to feel more centred and gives them a relaxed feeling overall.”

Leanne’s client base is currently 70% female and 30% male, highlighting an increasing interest from men to enjoy the benefits of yoga in their fitness.

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