fitness trends Bristol 2024

Clients having been asking our Clifton and Henleaze personal trainers to advise them on upcoming health and fitness trends in Bristol for 2024.

Some of the top trends, tools and techniques to consider when it comes to health and fitness in Bristol for the year ahead will include:


Biohacking is the process of improving the body using diet, exercise, mindfulness and technology. Any science-based approach to fitness.

When it comes to working with an Active8 personal trainer in Bristol, we have a bespoke approach with every client who visits us in Clifton and Henleaze.

Our Bristol PTs work closely with clients, advising and guiding them in all areas of fitness including diet, exercise and using fitness-based technology.

Wearable fitness tech

This is a massive market, and has become increasingly popular.

Self-tracking fitness devices are used by people to measure their physical activity, sleep patterns, heart rate and overall wellness.

The Apple Watch, for example, now comes with an electrocardiogram feature.

At Active8, we offer clients a heart rate training tool called Myzone – visit here to find out more.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) spinoffs

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a long-standing fitness trend that many clients utilise in their programmes with our Bristol personal trainers.

CrossFit helped to popularise HIIT, and our gyms in Clifton and Henleaze anticipate an increase in demand for associated activities in 2024.

One of those activities will be Functional Fitness – visit here to find out more.

Strength training and weight lifting

Our Clifton and Henleaze personal trainers saw a surge in clients looking to engage with strength training and weight lifting in the latter half of 2023.

This will continue. It’s interesting to note that more women are taking up these activities in their fitness training programmes than ever before.

Visit here to find out more about our strength training and weight lifting.

We run popular indoor Winter bootcamps during January and February – find out more here.

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