trends in Bristol personal fitness training

With the Autumn approaching, many of our clients are asking our PTs about trends in Bristol personal fitness training for the new season ahead.

This year has been yet another ever-changing time for the fitness industry in the region, and it can be difficult to predict trends or the next big thing in the world of personal fitness training.

However, our team of expert personal trainers in Bristol are ideally placed to oversee the very best developments in the industry and pass this on to our clients.

Some of the Bristol personal fitness trends to look out for during the remainder of 2023 could well include:

Gyms as communities

The fallout from Covid-19 and the lockdowns we all endured as a result has meant that the popularity of gyms has increased sharply in recent months.

Clients are enjoying their personal workout plans with our trainers in Clifton and Westbury Park, as well as being able to tap into our exclusive Active8 community via our superb MyZone app.

Smaller, specialised gyms and fitness centres that emphasise community and help clients to feel as if they are a part of something, are hugely popular across Bristol. Active8 has always followed this model of fitness provision.

Training with efficiency

For many of our clients at Active8, their focus on gym workouts and personal fitness training in Bristol is closely linked to how much time they have.

Personal trainers at our Clifton and Henleaze fitness centres are adept at ensuring that clients make the most of every minute they spend with us.

Active8 PTs know their clients routines and make their time together as productive as possible. We always strive for maximum efficiency for you.

Holistic training for health

Bristol personal fitness training is not just about the body anymore, and the remainder of 2023 will highlight this. A holistic approach is now popular.

Many of our personal trainers are qualified to provide nutritional advice to clients, to ensure that their diet helps to support their fitness goals.

Physical health is also heavily impacted by mental health and emotional wellbeing. Trends in personal fitness training also include other techniques.

At Active8, for example, we offer personal training with yoga to give clients a broader level of mind and body training.

We also offer specialised personal training services in Bristol, such as post-natal fitness training programmes.

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